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If you want the best carpet cleaning Keystone has to offer, call Ambassador Chem-Dry at 813- 962-6214. Life is stressful enough; we don't want you to have to worry about keeping your family off the carpet to add to your stresses. With Ambassador Chem-Dry, your carpet will be left clean and dry in 1-2 hours, not 1-2 days. Unlike other Keystone carpet cleaners, we take pride in our carbonated solution that cleans and leaves less water behind. The result of our cleaning process is found without using soaps, detergents, or chemicals. Our carbonated carpet cleaning process not only leaves your carpet drier but cleaner and safer too as it doesn't leave any unsafe chemicals or sticky residue behind.

Keystone Carpet Cleaning Services chem-dry cleaner talking with female customer about a stain on the carpet

We don't clean our carpets to leave them in a worse condition than they previously were. Many Keystone carpet cleaners extract stains but leave behind soaps and detergents not only cause re-soiling, but actually can leave an unhealthy environment for your family as well. We don't leave behind water that could eventually cause mold and mildew which can be bad for your health. We dry quickly and use a Green Certified solution to clean, so that your family is safe.

Carpet Cleaning Keystone

The use of carbonation to clean carpets has been perfected by Chem-Dry and can outdo what any soapy cleaning chemical or do-it-yourself machine could possible do. The carbonated bubbles go deep into the carpets, breaking up the dirt and grime and lifting them to the surface. Ambassador Chem-Dry is also able to remove some of toughest stains around. We have developed special solutions for a variety of stain types. This permits us to attack each stain on a customized basis to best eliminate it and leave your carpets looking as goods as new. We take great pride in being able to remove stains that many other Keystone carpet cleaners simply cannot.

We offer the best carpet cleaning Keystone FL has to offer, Ambassador Chem-Dry is here for you and your family! Call us at 813-962-6214.