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Why You Should Choose Us for Pet and Smoke Odor Removal

Featured Image Are you bothered with persistent dog urine smell in your carpets? Why not try Chem-Dry pet and odor removal services to help you get rid of all the unwanted odor from your rugs?...


Carpet Cleaning Frequently Asked Questions

Featured Image There are various approaches to cleaning your carpets, and the one you use should be suitable and safe to the rugs used in making the carpet. Recommended approaches include hot water extraction and steam cleaning, but you should always read the manufacturer’s recommendation on the best cleaning approach or call an expert for professional advice....


How to Spot Clean Upholstery Stains

Featured Image Stains on upholstery are never a good site and are often unpleasant. It is imperative that all furniture, carpets and rugs stay spotlessly clean to feel good in a house. This calls for a speedy removal, as well as prevention of the stains reaching the upholstery....


How Do I Remove Pet Odors from My Carpet and Furniture

Featured Image If you have pets in your house, then pet odor is something you will have to deal with from time to time. With pets, anything they dribble or secrete will somehow find its way into your carpets and furniture. Unless you know how to clean effectively or prevent it from happening, you won't be happy being surrounded by these smells....


The Top Carpet Cleaning Tips from the Pros

Featured Image Though you may want to have your carpet clean at all times, it is likely that it will become dirty eventually as a result of spills, drops and any other dirt that may be present beneath your shoes. The knowledge on how to clean your carpet the right way will go a long way in not just helping you have a clean carpet, but also adding to the longevity of the carpet so that it can serve you......


Our First Blog

Featured Image This is our first blog. Check back again for regular posts and tips....