Area Rug Cleaning Tampa: The Best Methods
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There are many methods which can be used for area rug cleaning in Tampa. Whether you are cleaning your rugs and carpets on your own or using professional carpet cleaning services, you should know some of these methods because they vary from one type of carpet to another.

This is so that when you hire a professional rug cleaning company, you will have a good idea of the method they will use to clean your rugs.  With that said, here is a look at some of the best methods for carpet cleaning:

Hot water extraction

You have probably seen most of the carpet cleaning in Tampa Florida ads claiming to be offering steam cleaning or water extraction cleaning services for your rugs. This is one of the most popular carpet cleaning methods used by both professionals and homeowners. In this method, hot water at very high temperatures is sprayed onto the carpet at high pressure. This will help loosen dirt and particles that may be sticking onto the carpet.

A vacuum is then used to suck out dirt and particles from the carpet. The water used may be mixed with a cleaning solution or a detergent to improve the results. Hot water extraction is not just effective in getting amazing results but also helps in killing germs and bacteria that may have built-up in the carpet over time.

Dry powder cleaning

This method of carpet cleaning and odor removal is also known as dry cleaning and it doesn’t use water. With this method, a special dry powder made of detergent and a solvent is used as an absorptive material for the cleaning process. The powder is sprinkled over the carpet, and then thoroughly spread using a rotating machine over the carpet.

Once this is done, a vacuum cleaner is used to clear the powder.  Other than the clean results this method usually delivers, it is preferred by many people because it doesn’t involve wetting the carpet.

Carpet shampooing

Shampoo carpet cleaning is also another method used by many people for carpet cleaning in Brandon Florida and also as a pet urine removal treatment. This method is ideal for cleaning heavily soiled carpets, and it involves scrubbing the carpet with a hand brush and a suitable cleaning detergent.

Instead of using a hand brush, a rotating brush can be attached to the vacuum cleaner and used for this method. This is ideal if a big carpet is to be cleaned. The results are usually great, but this approach is not recommended because it makes carpets age faster and you can’t use it on exotic rugs because it will destroy them. Besides, since it involves the use of water, a lot of time will be needed for the carpet to dry before it can be used again.