How Do You Clean Tile Floors Naturally?
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Tile floors are one of the long-lasting options for many homes. They are not just available in a large variety to suit the various tastes and preferences of  homeowners, but they are also easy to care for and maintain. They require very minimal care provided that you can clean them regularly and in the correct way.

By the “correct way,” we imply adopting natural tile cleaning in Tampa methods that will leave floors looking great, without causing any corrosion or scratches on them. To help you get the most out of your tile floors, here is a look at a few natural ways you may consider for better results and longevity.

The Baking Soda Scrub

Baking soda is a multipurpose cleaning agent in the home, and since it is easily available in the pantry, you don't’ have to worry about incurring additional expenses to make your tile floors look great. It is ideal for removing stubborn stains from the tile floors and you can also use it for regular mopping of the floors for better results. You may choose to use just a simple solution of baking soda, or you may decide to create a quick DIY cleaning recipe by including vinegar and normal liquid soap. For a touch of fresh scent, consider adding lavender essential oil to the solution.

Minty Wash

Another way to clean tile floors naturally is to make a cleaning solution comprising of equal parts water, rubbing alcohol and vinegar, and then add a ½ tsp of liquid dish soap as well as your favorite peppermint essential oils. This is an environmentally friendly cleaning solution you can easily make with the supplies you already have at home, and it is guaranteed to leave your tile floors clean and fresh. The mint in the solution will also help in deterring mice and ants from the floors, thus making it safer for kids to crawl around.

How to remove mold and mildew naturally

Mold removal is another aspect of tile cleaning in Tampa that you may have to deal with at some point. This is especially the case for bathroom tiles, where the mold will spread to other places, including the shower curtain. This is not just a health concern, but may also come with safety challenges because mold can make the floors slippery, hence, increasing the chances of accidents and fall. To easily and quickly remove mold and mildew, make a solution using equal parts baking powder and lemon juice. Spread the solution on the affected areas, and allow it to settle for a few hours before you rinse and clean.

Dealing with germs naturally

Your tile cleaning in Tampa will not be successful and complete if you don’t kill the germs.  There are various ways through which you could achieve this. The best, however, would be to take a capful of mouthwash and mix with warm water. Use this solution to wipe the surface of your floor tiles to kill any germs that might still be lurking around after you are done with the cleaning.