How To Remove the Smell of Dog Urine
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Remove the Smell of Dog Urine

It is common to have dogs as pets at home, but sometimes dealing with the consequences of having them is not a walk in the park for many people. If you have a dog at home, and you can’t train it properly to not soil your chairs and carpets, then get ready to contend with the smell of dog urine, not to mention any other damage a poorly trained dog may cause around the home. But the good news is that this is a manageable problem.

Here is a brief guide on how you can effectively deal with smells in your house:

Dilute the Soiled Area with Water

If you didn’t take care of the dog urine immediately, the area is likely to be stained, with the smell becoming stronger each day. The first thing you need to do in this type of situation, is to dilute the stained area. You will need a bowl of warm water and two clean towels. Dampen the towels in warm water and then blot the urine several times to dilute the stain and the smell.

It is recommended that you put on gloves as you do this since the smell may get into your hands. As you blot the stained area, the towels may also pick up the smell of the urine and is unfortunately part of the odor removal process.

Use an enzyme-neutralizing cleaner

Once you have successfully diluted the odor as much as you possibly can, the next step is to use an enzyme neutralizer to clean the affected area. Enzyme neutralizers are cleaners made with agents that can break down protein based molecules responsible for producing bad odors in urine. Before you use the cleaners on carpets, do a test for colorfastness on a hidden section of the rug as to not ruin the entire carpet.  Once this is completed, proceed to spray the area thoroughly for the removal of the pet odour. Let the cleaner stay on the affected area for about ten minutes and then use a clean towel to blot dry.

Wash or replace items that retain smells

If, after the pet odor removal, there are some items that still smell, you may consider laundering them or replacing them to completely get rid of the dog urine smell. You may consider removing rug pads beneath the carpet since these usually contain synthetic materials where it may not be possible to completely get rid of the smell.

Once you manage to successfully get rid of the smell, you should consider preventing the smell of dog urine from accessing your carpets and rugs in the future so that you are not worried about furniture cleaning or pet odor removal. Think about walking your dog more frequently so that they can pee outside, or you may consider getting your pet potty trained. You should also get the dog checked to see if it has underlying health problems.